Service Management

Solutions for BusinessFor any business, information security is paramount. Even a brief period of downtime could be extremely costly, and any sort of data breach could be catastrophic for both the company and its customers. However, keeping dedicated staff on hand to deal with these sorts of issues is an expenditure many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t afford on a regular basis.

That’s where Nonik Technologies can help. Our service management packages offer help in each step of the information security process:

  • Evaluation: We can perform a full assessment of your current networking solutions, and identify any potential weaknesses or oversights. If your data is not properly backed up, it could be a potential disaster waiting to happen. Instead of waiting for an expensive issue to crop up at the worst time, engaging with Nonik early can help keep you apprised of any problems, before they happen.
  • Protection: Internet access can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s critical that customers be able to get information about your hours and services. On the other hand, the Internet has myriad threats to productivity, including malicious files, viruses and excessive personal use. Working with a managed IT services firm like Nonik can help you get all the value of constant connection without the potential dangers.
  • Ongoing Management: Nonik Technologies is fully capable of handling all of your business’s day-to-day IT issues, including resolution of hardware and software issues. This holistic approach helps reduce downtime and improves operating costs.

Don’t have IT staff? That doesn’t mean you can’t be protected. Nonik Technologies can help you get all the benefits of an IT department for just a fraction of the cost.