Gartner: Global IT security spend will exceed $70 billion this year

According to a press release, Gartner believes worldwide spending on internet security that have reached more than $70 billion by the end of the year, and is expected to continue with the use of new devices over the next few years. This means there are further opportunities for the use of IT support services on the horizon.

One of the driving forces in this adoption of security is the omnipresence of the cloud, which is forecast to be responsible for 10 percent of all internet security offerings by next year. The prediction goes even further, asserting that 2018 will see more than 50 percent of organizations using outsourced security services.

But the most immediate statistic is the global spend for this year, which is nearly 8 percent higher than in 2013. This number is expected to reach nearly $77 billion by next year, an additional growth of more than 8 percent.

Lawrence Pingree, Gartner's research director, said that all of the new offerings are influencing the importance and delivery of online security. 

"This Nexus of Forces is impacting security in terms of new vulnerabilities," he said. "It is also creating new opportunities to improve effectiveness, particularly as a result of better understanding security threats by using contextual information and other security intelligence."

In the face of this growing need for online services, managing and working with internet solutions will need to be supported through the proper IT management systems. Security solutions are available for all of those who want to make sure they have enough support behind them, as activity will most likely increase with the coming year.