ServiceNonik Technologies manages all aspects of technology for small and medium sized businesses. We provide in-depth management and guidance for a variety of computer-related tasks, including:

Computing System Consulting, Designing and Installation

Are your hardware and software currently working to their optimal capacity? We can help you figure it out. By evaluating your existing computer systems relative to current best practices and providing suggestions to facilitate system uptime, we can improve your productivity, reliability and performance and reduce your operational costs.

Service, Maintenance and Updating of Hardware and Software

If you need to protect yourself long-term through a proactive service agreement, Nonik is able to help. We recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your computing operations, and provide solutions that secure your network and data so that your operations remain active and are able to restart following unexpected outages.

System and Data Security, Backup and Business Continuity

The best time to solve a problem is before it even starts. With Nonik’s Avalon system, corrective action can be undertaken before an issue ever arises. Avalon boosts performance, tightens security with professional proactive care to keep your network up and running at peak performance, so that you never have to worry about losing valuable information.

IT Service Management

For just a fraction of the cost of a traditional IT department, you can get all the advantages. We can manage all of your computing systems, including both hardware and software, reducing downtime and saving you money on operational costs.