System Security

SecurityAt Nonik Technologies, we recognize how important information security is for any business. That’s why our IT approach is focused on keeping every part of your operations secure and reliable, providing protection for:

Internet Services: It’s important that customers have access to information about your hours and services, and your employees can utilize resources on the internet but you don’t want to allow web traffic to harm your business. Viruses, malware and attacks from the internet can all slow down or halt your operations completely without the proper security protocols in place.

Servers: Your servers are at the key resource of your people and your business applications. Every time they’re slowed down or halted, so are your employees, wasting valuable time and resources.  This results in low productivity and lower revenues until the issues can be resolved.

Network: The faster your network is, the faster you’ll be able to do business. If it’s slow or unresponsive, your day to day operations will suffer. In addition, an unmonitored network is vulnerable to intruders and could be a big security risk.

Laptops and Desktops: When problems like viruses get into your network, they not only affect servers and the network but also the computers of your employees, an expensive problem to fix.

Business Applications: The lifeblood of many companies are reliable business applications. Whether these are online or in your office, if yours go down, your organization could be in dire straits.

The security and reliability of all of these different attributes of your business is critical for continued operational success. If managing security for all of them seems like a massive undertaking, contact Nonik Technologies. Our dedicated and experienced staff can keep your information safe and your business humming along productively.